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IN-American Turkish Assoc-Together Universal Responsible Kind,Inc

a) To foster awareness in our community, among the people of Indiana and the world at large about Turkish life and culture to promote friendship and mutual understanding among Turkish and American people.

b) To do everything advisable and convenient for the accomplishment of the general purposes set forth above which are not forbidden by law or has Articles of Incorporation, including but not limited to the following:
(i) To organize social, educational, recreational and other functions to promote better understanding and friendship both among the members of this Corporation and
among individuals and organizations within Indiana who share an interest in Turkish culture.
(ii) To cooperate with similar organization in the United States and Canada
(iii) To provide support to and participate in the activities of the Turkish American Student organizations in the educational institutions of Indiana consistent with the by-
laws of the said institutions: and;;
(iv) To organize appropriate fundraising activities in support of said social and cultural activities



Year(s) Paid:


Hokan Orhun, President 317- 671 3325
Meral Linderson, NCI Rep. 317-213-7658