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Indiana Partners of The Americas

Partners of the Americas, founded by President John F. Kennedy, is an independent nonprofit
organization that works through partnership between states and nations of the Americas on
projects and programs that improve the social and economic condition of our people
throughout Latin America. For more information, see: Indiana Partners of
the Americas is the state partner with Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state in Brazil,
working through a long-term collaborative effort in areas from culture and the arts to
community capacity, agriculture and the environment, and social child and family needs. We
have a particular focus on education and cultural programs that demonstrate and share
Brazilian culture. We support travel exchange programs organized and funded by the Partners
International network of which we are a chapter, by our bilateral chapter partner and other
Partners of the Americas chapters, particularly in programs for youth, university students, and
young professionals. For more information about Indiana Partners, see:


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Rosane Zelmanovtz President
Beth Adams Representative
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