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Indiana School of Polynesian Arts (Indy Hula)

Representative to NCI - Leslie Clumb

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Welcome to the Indiana School of Polynesian Arts, d/b/a Indy Hula! For those seeking the spirit and art form of Polynesia, look no further. Indy Hula provides a wonderful dancing experience for men, women, and children of all ages. What makes our classes so unique is that you will learn and embrace the grace and beauty of dances not only from the Hawaiian Islands, but from Samoa, New Zealand, Cook Islands, and Tahiti. In addition, and more importantly, everyone in our group is very supportive, helpful and loves to have fun! You will enjoy every minute of your experience. And, just think; you’ll meet new friends as well!

When time permits, special workshops are made available to the students who have an interest in lei making, weaving, wood carving, making costumes, adornments, and implements…all of which can be used when you are prepared to perform, or to sell as fundraisers for Indy Hula.

Indy Hula has performed for events such as the Indy500 Parade, the Indiana State Fair and for non-profit groups, such as the Nationalities Council of Indiana, Asian Alliance of Indiana, and the International Festival, at hula seminars in Indianapolis and Chicago; and at private and corporate celebrations such as lia sophia Jewelry. In addition, Indy Hula was selected to perform at the NFL Super Bowl XLVI Experience.




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