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Liberia Progress Foundation



President Siah Fallah Brown -
NCI Representative Alma K. Smith -

Liberia Progress foundation (LPF) established in 2010 and became a member of the Nationalities Council of Indiana;
registered a 501(c3) organization.

Our goal is twofold:
Activities in Indiana - Our cultural booth displays the map of Africa and information on each country to educate
the thousands of Students and Hoosiers who attend the International Festival each year. We share our culture through the art of Food, we present a food Booth

Taste of Liberia. In 2017, Liberia Progress Foundation won first prize in the Food category.
Activities in Liberia -As a post war country, on a yearly basis, LPF sends school supplies to 4 schools in the Bomi area in Liberia.
Our means of support is goodwill donation from family and friends and whatever fund raised from the International Festival.

For information on LPF activities, please visit our facebook.
Please note there are other recipes on our facebook.