The Indy International Festival feature the sights, sounds, music, dances, food and cultures of the world.

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The International Festival is an annual celebration of central Indiana’s rich ethnic and cultural diversity.  Hosted by the Nationalities Council of Indiana, the festival is designed to feed the body, mind, and spirit with tempting foods, educational experiences, and artistic performances from every continent.  Volunteers in traditional dress in dozens of booths share stories of their ethnic heritage and many offer authentic foods and displays of cultural items.  On stage, talented performers showcase the beautiful choreography, exciting rhythms, and traditional dress of their native lands.  

One of the primary missions of the International Festival is to provide students and teachers with an enriching cultural and educational experience.  These students will have a unique opportunity to learn about diversity and explore their own ethnic roots as they “travel” the festival using student passports provided by the Nationalities Council


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