President’s Year-End Message 2019

Aloha Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Members:

The 43rd Annual International Festival is over and I’m truly happy to say that everyone who were in attendance, seemed very pleased with the program. You will be receiving a final report once Marife Callender and Alma Smith has tallied all the numbers for you.

For those of who wasn’t able to attend the Festival, I want you to know that you missed a wonderful program and its success is all due to the very hard
work that was accomplished by Marife Callender and the assistance of Alma Smith. This event is a magnitude of meetings with the Indiana State Fair; making sure everyone who applied to have a Food Booth and/or a Culture Booth receives all the materials (furniture and electricity needed for their booths); coordinating the cultural performances and their needs to make their event a huge success. Then, there is the work of obtaining volunteers from several organization to work at the event; something we, as Board of Directors and members should do since it is our organization who is having the event . Working with the schools and its student tours is usually accomplished by Alma Smith. But, I’m pretty sure Marife is also involved with it in some way. It’s unbelievable the number people Marife has to deal with organizing the planning process; getting people to cooperate with the “dos” and don’ts.” Working with printers The list is endless. Then there’s the clean-up after the event. I know there is no need to elaborate what goes into the cleaning process.

As Alma told you, I cancelled the NCI meeting so that all of our members could catch up with their own tasks in time to enjoy the Holiday coming up. As you are fully aware, we will be able to catch up when we return to our first NCI meeting on February 11, 2020. Until then, please enjoy your time with your families and friends. May you and your family be blessed with a very Happy New Year to come!!!


Most sincerely,

Leslie Clumb

Leslie Clumb, NCI President


Mailing Address: 4141 S East St
Indianapolis, IN 46227