Member Nations

President's Message

May 23, 2019

Dear Fellow NCI Members:

          I am very pleased to report that 2019 has led us in the most positive direction.  For those of you who have not been able to attend our meetings, I want to reiterate that Aster Bekele, was nominated and elected as the Chairwomen of (NCI); followed by the President, Leslie Clumb; 1st Vice President, Geetha Nair; 2nd Vice President, Maryam Kiani; Treasurer, Alma Smith; and:

Manager of the Annual International Festival, Marife Callender. 

Because no one took on the position of Corresponding Secretary, to remedy the situation, a recorder was purchased to record the minutes and Alma Smith volunteered to compile the recorded minutes and forward to members which is working out very well. 

          I am happy to report that Balji Oberoi, Board of Directors has volunteer his expertise to update and maintain NCI’s Website.

          Now, on to what is in the works at this time:

2018 Indy International Festival Sponsors