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President's Message

The Nationalities Council of Indiana (NCI) is searching for the new International Festival Queen YR 2019-2020. The Dinner and Coronation will be held at Murat – Arabian Room on October 12, 2019.

The Council Members is given an opportunity to send their representative regardless of age and marital status but please be aware that the Judges will choose a winner based on the Judging Criteria that is specify in the application form as well as the main reason that the chosen Queen will represent NCI in the Indianapolis area and surrounding Communities and other functions that NCI was invited or choose to participate… so it is very important that your candidate is matured enough to answer questions that people might asked when it comes to NCI Missions and Vision as well as your own Organizations Mission and Visions.

We removed the age limit because we want the Council Members to have a freedom to choose within their members at their own organization a candidate they can be proud of and will represent them.

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